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Straw pellets from manufacturer

The Estonian company OÜ Baltpellet is active in the development of biomass and pelletizing of straw. We began our activities in 2010 and we have 2 years experience in the production of bedding pellets.

We are specialized to produce only horse bedding pellets. Our pellet quality is one of the best in Scandinavia.

Straw pellets directly from manufacturer. You can start your own brand with us and we can make your pellets just as you like!

Our factories, which are situated in Baltics, produce straw pellet and straw briquets.

Our purpose is to produce and organise the sale of straw pellets in Europe and to offer best bedding material to the consumers.

About straw briquette: Use of biological fuels has increased in the recent years. Also the herbaceous biomass, including straw of different cereals is more and more used as a fuel. The cereal straw is similar to the timber in its qualities.


BaltPellet OÜ

Old company name – Müügispets OÜ (Ltd.)

Registration No: 12131902
VAT: EE101466705

Valge 13, Tallinn 11415, Estonia

E-mail: info(at)

Phone: (+372) 55 638 191

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Swedbank AS

IBAN: EE932200221052810027