• Does it need too much effort to clean stable?
  • It still stinks in stable?
  • Why is a horse coughing or having health problems, although everything “seems” to be OK?
  • Is your muck constantly overflowing?
  • Does it take a lot of material for making up beddings for horses?
  • Do you feel, that the storage for bedding material can be used for something special?
  • Have mold in the stable?

If some of these problems seem familiar to you, then straw pellet can resolve all these problems!

Straw has been used as horse bedding for centuries. Only recently, new technologyhas allowed us to improve what seemed to be already perfect. We developed a new product – straw pellets.

Soft pellets from straw are perfect to use in the stall. It has been well known for some time that straw pellets are the best bedding for horses.

Straw pellet under layer is an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to existing common known bedding and litter products. Less is needed for equivalent absorbancy, itsaves your money, working time and storing place.

Straw pellets are naturally softer than wood pellets and will break down easily, so less storage is required for soiled bedding. Straw pellet is a pure, natural product without additives. Straw pellet is an excellent absorbancy material (approximately 300% self-weight). The product is hygienic, as the temperature is +85 … +110 ° C in granulation process.

Straw pellets are recommended as bedding material for horses and also other animals. It is easier and faster to clean straw pellet litter. Product is easy to recycle and can be reused in different ways. Composted material decomposes rapidly and may be used as fertilizer, even in 2-3 months.

Straw pellet is a unique material with a lot of different ways to use. It is also perfect for home heating as well as wood pellet. Straw pellet calorific value is even better than wood pellet.