Straw briquette

Straw briquette for heating

Straw briquette – an eco-friendly and 100% natural fuel, ideal for all solid fuel boilers and fireplaces.

Straw briquette are prepared of the compressed straw. The product is made from organic, untreated with chemicals straw. Low-ash residue, consisting of no more than 3%, relatively little smoke, produces no unpleasant odor. Straw briquette burn longer than firewood. The heat produced by the straw briquette is up to five times higher than firewood. Straw briquet calorific value is 19,39 MJ/kg.

Burning straw briquette do not make sparks as the firewood, which could endanger your home and the people.

Compared with the untreated wood fuel, straw briquettes have the benefits:

less internal moisture;
up to five times the energy value;
simple maintenance;
convenient storage and takes four times less space than the firewood;
they can be stored for a longer period of time;
less pollution.

We sell straw briquette in Big-Bag (1000kg) and boxes (15kg).