Straw pellets

Everybody knows how important it is to choose the right straw bedding or litter. Scientifically or less scientifically, many people have searched for the ideal litter. Everybody agrees that the ideal litter must have high absorbency, must be properlysoft, furthermore mould-free and dust-free.

All the rest is personal preference. As for raw materials, we vote for straw.

Our product is pelletized litter straw. We improve the favourable characteristics of straw by the applied technology pelletizing, furthermore by paying special attention we reduce the possible risks of traditional straw litter (dust, mould).

Our product is made of high-quality Baltic straw. We pay special attention to the quality of the raw material. More exactly we thoroughly examine its humidity, its content and polluting materials.

The production technology guarantees that customers receive high-quality, dust-free and completely pure straw litter with high absorbency.

In order to ensure that the material is dust-free and contains no pollution, many sieves, magnets and pollution filters are applied at several points of the production process. Absorbency is improved by adjusting the grinding process to the proper size. The active surface of the straw is increased via the process, thus its absorbency is multiplied. In consequence the ammonia content irritating respiration is significantly reduced.

During pelletizing straw is placed under high temperature and pressure, thus quality can be improved as germs and bacteria in the litter are killed.

Our product is 100% straw without any additives. Our pellets are 10-40 mm long, yellow-brownish, cylindrical particles with a diameter of 8 and 10mm. Our pellets are supplied in plastic bags, however we are flexible and you can find different bag sizes from PRICES.